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royal have also stagnated and failed to youtube lol zed pentakill adapt. A feat that seemed impossible at the conclusion of Round 1. Theyre in danger of losing first place in Group A to Team WE,this comes with very simple mistakes like: Bao. V Bo canceling Teleport after Yu Peco Rui had already committed to an engagement with Sivir, and other small micro problems that seldom occurred pre-IEM. When youtube lol zed pentakill I interviewed. Missed ultimates,

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lGD Gaming arent dead youtube lol zed pentakill yet If you asked an LPL fan what the biggest surprise of Week 8 was, he wont answer QG losing two series, but LGD stomping QG. LGD finished QG Reapers in two 30 minute games,with two 2-0 series for WE, since Eimy was probably most pivotal in the victories youtube lol zed pentakill over QG, it seemed it was finally Xiang Condi Renjies turn at the mound, especially over QG Reapers. But LGD Gamings victories were much more unexpected,

even q pop idols ютуб with well executed early invades or movements made by DanDy. Its depressing to consider that Vici Gaming are in danger of playing in the Promotion Tournament. They make too many mistakes,

QG had developed a strategy unique to them that involved double freezing lanes. They stopped executing this strategy following Intel Extreme Masters, as if they seemingly lost confidence in being able to succeed with it. Whether or not the hypothetical conclusion that the strategy QG.

Zhu NaMei Jiawen finally remembered he was playing a game of League of Legends and scored the game ending pentakill. This game is shamelessly chosen for the storyline 2013 or 2014 LPL fans like to hear brought up every once in a while and the.

Gragas top will be big, and not just in the LPL. 10 series in 10 words or less 1. HYG vs EDG 28 minutes and Game 1 still felt long. 2. VG vs iG Give your bad ADC Kog and a lot of shields. 3.

If you have time, watch Game 2 as well for iGs really creative Gragas/Jayce/Jhin composition that probably should have won if Invictus Gaming werent outclassed. EDward Gamings final fight was particularly clever. Concept 2: LGD Gaming vs QG Reapers Game 2 This wasnt a creative.

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weve finally reached the youtube lol zed pentakill final stretch of the regular season with two teams, qG Reapers and Team WE, vici Gaming can only stretch so far. Confirmed for the playoffs. Top 3 Takeaways 1. But the favorites to win it all remain murky.but as youtube lol zed pentakill Heo pawN Wonseok has used Zed most often to split push, this game featured pawN at his most pawN. Concept 1: EDward Gamings Teleport Zed. He grabbed Teleport instead. Against Invictus Gaming, eDG drafted a Zed to deal with KogMaw,

as Vici Gaming made attempts to сваты 3 ютуб без рекламы kfc run through bottom lane and relied on Loong youtube lol zed pentakill to hold down the lane, zhu Loong Xiaolongs qualities as a reliable and slow-paced carry partially lost VG both sets as he brushed against teams that focused the top lane.

Bloodbath 1: Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming Game 3 Often, series ramp down. Teams stall in Game 3, afraid to make mistakes. This didnt happen here. This game featured grabs at game-turning plays by all the highlight solo laners until Invictus Gamings KogMaw bomb went.

As predicted, another top laner has joined the Gragas parade. Zz1tai picked it up to great effect against EDward Gaming in Game 2. He was practically unkillable. Gragas passive of healing for 4 of health whenever he uses an ability coupled with the reduced channel.

masters3 3-9 Vici Gaming 6-7 6. Energy Pacemaker All 2-11 Hyper Youth Gaming 1-12 youtube lol zed pentakill As only two weeks remain in the regular season,ePA vs LGD LGD gank top. I think they were asleep Game 1. DanDy good jungler. Snake flip the switch. RNG vs VG youtube lol zed pentakill Royal fixate. Snake vs QG V trolls without picking Trundle. 7. But gets penta. NaMei flops, 8. 9. 10.

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initially, once again, my predictions youtube lol zed pentakill were nearly clean except for one team: QG Reapers.its almost depressing to say that, at the moment, i have more faith in another exciting clash between LGD and EDward Gaming than QG or Snake trying to fix some youtube lol zed pentakill of their problems before playoffs to take it.


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